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Our area of research is related to construction economics and finance. We have rendered research projects of which the findings have become part of the policymaking and standards by the authorities.

Construction Economics

Amongst others are Public Sector Comparator (PSC) for the Economic Planning Unit, Prime Minister’s Department to analyse the project cost database and produce a standard unit cost for different project categories for the purpose of selection and evaluation of projects for the Malaysian Plan and its Rolling Plans.

In addition, we were engaged by CIDB Malaysia to establish manuals for Projection of construction demand, material demand and worker demand. These manuals include development of statitiscal formula and calculation for projection of demand based on S-curves. The total construction demand is then projected with the GDP and its growth.

Whole Life Cost

We are also continuously enhancing project cost database; both initial cost and operation & maintenance cost so as to establish a credible Whole Life Cost (WLC) database for the industry or even internal organisations’ consumptions and analysis.