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 System Applications in Asset Management

Asset management is applied to any asset that has future value. Asset management is a systematic process of developing, operating, maintaining, upgrading, and disposing of assets cost-effectively throughout its economic life span (whole life cost analysis).



LCCsoft is a life costing software which computes total cost undertaken in the acquisition of an asset, equipment, product, area, system over its economics life. Life Cycle Costing is also an effective technique to choose between alternative methods by taking into account various options which displays differing capital and running costs. The software includes calculation of Net Present Value (NPV) as well as Sensitivity Analysis and many other features and benefits. Visit for more details!


AssetDbase is an online asset management platform which registers and upkeep the assets during facilities management. Fixed and movable assets including routine maintenance are recorded in a simple manner in making sure that the assets are managed efficiently. AssetDbase is simply to use anytime and anywhere without hassle. Visit for more details!


traXisoft is a physical & financial progress tracking system that allows you to plan and monitor your project effectively. In addition, it enables the relevant stakeholders such as contractor, client, design team, supervisor to view the project progress through its online reporting database including project activities and status such as weather, manpower, material, quality, safety, and more. Visit for more details.