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LCCsoft is a life costing software which computes total cost undertaken in the acquisition of an asset, equipment, product, area, system over its economics life. Life Cycle Costing is also an effective technique to choose between alternative methods by taking into account various options which displays differing capital and running costs. The software includes calculation of Net Present Value (NPV) as well as Sensitivity Analysis and many other features and benefits.

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Value Management : Principles and Applications – Prentice Hall & Kreatif Kembara (2002)

The book is relevant for top level managers, middle level managers, and proffesionals such as Project Managers, Architects, Engineers, Quality Surveyors, Accountants, Academicians, Students and general public. It provides through coverage of the principles of VM and its applications, its relation to systems approaches and life cycle costing. Some real case studies are included to give better insight to readers. Major emphasis is given to construction projects, however the book is also applicable to products and systems.